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About SDM College Of Ayurveda And Hospital Udupi

SDM College of Ayurveda and Hospital Udupi was established in 1958 in Udupi. It is one of the best colleges that represent the traditional knowledge and coetaneous excellence, managed by SDME Society, Ujire. President of S.D.M. Educational Society and Padmabhooshana Dr.D.Veerendra Heggade, Dharmadhikari of Shree Kshethra Dharmasthala are the main inspiration behind the success of SDM. This college is recognized by Central council of Indian Medicine affiliated to RGUHS.SDM college is located 5kms away from udupi adjacent to national highway 17 towards Mangalore.

The Institution provides Ayurvedic medical education at Graduate & Post graduate levels. College has very good greenery and is a located far away from the main city and also pollution is less. Climatic condition is very nice for knowledge growth of students. The college has spacious class rooms and buildings are erected very well. Class rooms are well furnished and have all the modern equipments required for teaching students for both UG and PG students. College has experienced staff members in all the fields as per CCIM norms. Good number of Magazines, Reference books, Journals, dailies & circulating books. Computer training is also given here for Ist prof. B.A.M.S. students and 1st M.D. /M.S. (Ayu) scholars so that they acquire good knowledge in the field. Spacious auditorium with 150 seating capacity is built so that students get updated day to day by conducting seminars. Well maintained herbal garden with more than 400 species of medicinal plants are present for practical demonstrations for students. Also many health care awareness camps and programs are conducted by students

Pharmacy is also present in the campus which is ISO certified . It prepares more than 150 types of choornas, Guggulu compounds, choornas, Aristas, Asava, , Lyehas, gutikas, taila ghrita etc., to meet the demand of the hospital. The students are also trained in preparing various kinds of classical ayurvedic medicine in the pharmacy. Hospital is present inside the campus where practical training sessions for students are conducted and labs are well designed with modern equipments. Separate hostel for girls and boys is also available in the college.

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