Indian fund managers quitting private equity funds


Having more money will give you an advantage of accessing the opportunities to grow at an exponential rate. The most preferred one will be private equity funds. These fund managers will consolidate the money from wealthy individuals and business entities to invest in unconventional business models. Not many will succeed & few will definitely earn spectacular returns. If all goes well investors will continue to be a part of the business & make others also to invest. If not they look to exit with whatever best they could generate terms of return.

Indian fund managers quitting private equity funds

Few fund managers do make great returns but at the cost of tough decision making. Some of the converted business managers do make multi-million dollars by engineering good business deals. But it also involves heart stopping & risk-taking decisions which may go the other way also.

Right now it’s a great scenario in India as 2017 saw great deals happening & 2018 expected to even bigger & better. Some of the high profile fund managers have quit in view f setting up their own funds. Close to 100 new funds are already in the business & they are expected to rope in $15 billion in India. Majority of the global investment giants like Softbank, Tiger global, Black stone & others have been in their stint with new business proposals.

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