Seven Haunted Places in India To Let Your Spine Chill!


Seven Haunted Places in India To Let Your Spine Chill!

Seven Haunted Places in India To Let Your Spine Chill!

1. Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai

Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai is famous for its wild life and Kanheri caves. You will be mesmerized by the natural beauty of the acres of land with forests, hills and caves; with small mud huts popping here and there. This beautiful wilderness in engulfed by something uncanny that will chill your blood like hell. Many visitors often stated that they came across a lady, dressed in white; asking for lift in the deserted roads. The guards of the national park have testified the incident and acknowledge the spirit contamination. They advise the visitors to avoid giving lifts. Isn’t it scary?

2.Tower of Silence at Malabar hills in Mumbai

Another place in Mumbai, is counted in the list of haunted places is the Tower of Silence at Malabar hills. Whenever you pass by the uncanny silence enveloped by thick canopy, the place will send chills to your spine. It is a Parsi crematorium, where they leave the dead bodies on the top of the tower. Vultures and crows feast on the corpses. The quiet ambience and putrid odor will give you goosebumps.

3.Ghost town of Bhangarh in Rajasthan

The Indian Ghost town of Bhangarh, Rajasthan is another spooky place in the list. It is said that the magician who loved the princess of the palace and was murdered by the princess herself. Before death, he cast a magic spell on the palace. That curse doomed the future of the palace, which was left abandoned forever. Now it is visited by the spirits from another world, people often experienced otherworldly cries from the palace in the dark. Night entry is totally prohibited here.

4. Agrasen kiBaoli in Delhi

If you visited a step well in New Delhi, and feel being stalked and constantly watched, then welcome to Agrasen kiBaoli. This popular antiqued architecture is haunted by some spirits, which keep an eye on the visitors and chase them when they try to run away.

5. Kings Church in Goa

A daredevil, with the courage to meet the apparitions, may try to encounter the souls of the kings roaming in the premises of Three Kings Church in Goa. It is believed that years ago, three kings fought amongst themselves to win over the property. All were killed in the battle, since then their spirits move around in the property. Locals believe that the Church is possessed by the ghosts of the three kings.

6. Dumas beach in Gujrat

Now to wrap the list, we have Dumas beach, in Gujrat. This place is said to be Hindu burial ground in the past, which means it is the nest of tortured souls.It is said that whispering winds often warns the visitors not to cross the limit. If the testimonies go right, then many people have lost their lives in this beach because of some unknown reasons after being disappeared mysteriously.

7. Park street cemetery at Kolkata

When we are talking about haunted places, then the journey should begin from the graveyard, which embraced so many happy and unhappy deaths. It is very old saying, that there is no place more peaceful than a crematorium. With tall trees, thick vegetation and venerable graves, the Park street cemetery at Kolkata built in 1767 also summons with its serenity. Once a group of friends visited this place, to capture its tranquil beauty. But what they captured were some uncanny shadows. It is said, once they entered and settled themselves in the graveyard, they felt claustrophobic in the open air and experienced dizziness. It is just one instance, there are so many occurrences no one knows. Some are reported, and some are not.

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