Stay away from these 5 foods that leave you hungry, make you want to eat more


Diet and exercise won’t help your weight loss goals if you don’t eat the right kind of food. Instead, for a healthy diet, you need to eat food that is fiber-rich as well as satiating so that you don’t end up thinking of your next meal constantly. It includes foods like salad, cereals, and juices which are considered healthy as well as salted snacks and sugar-free snacks that are considered to be bad for you.
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Below mentioned 5 foods that may make you hungry very soon, and should be eaten alongside other foods that help you feel full for longer:

Eat a salad for dinner and the chances are you will feel hungry in record time, which can play havoc with your weight loss plans.


While salads are considered to be the best bet for a healthy diet, they are not the most satiating. Eat a salad for dinner and the chances are you will feel hungry in record time. One way to remedy this is to add more carbohydrates to your salads, including foods such as broccoli, beans, chicken, salmon, or cheese. It will also add some protein to your meal and your body will take longer to absorb it.

Salted snacks

Junk food like salty snacks is a bottomless pit. It is impossible to eat them in moderation, and one of the reasons for it is that they leave you feeling thirsty. Your body mistakes it for hunger and you end up overeating and gaining weight. Instead of snack smartly and opt for dried fruits or plain unsalted nuts in moderation.


Sounds great for breakfast? Cereals are actually made of refined grains that get digested and absorbed quickly and lead to blood sugar spikes. A good way to deal with this is to eat some protein for breakfast, which will keep you satiated for longer. Eat eggs or oatmeal or toast with fruit.


Fruit juice lacks good fiber and is just high in sugar and water content. While it works well in terms of detoxification, it doesn’t keep you full for longer. Instead, eat a whole fruit for more fiber that will slow down the absorption of its fructose in the bloodstream. Otherwise, the blood sugar spike will leave you to feel famished.

Sugar-free snacks

Sugar-free snacks, like diet soda, trick your brain. But research shows that the sweet taste can trigger insulin release causing a blood sugar drop. That makes your body feel hungrier for food to balance the blood sugar levels. It can also send signals to the body to start the digestion process, but since artificial sugar cannot be digested, it causes a stomach ache and you may end up feeling hungrier later on.

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