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MA in Theology of Religious Life

MA in Theology of Religious Life

2 Years | Full Time | Under Graduation


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January March

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Admission 2019 Admission Start Date Admission End Date
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Bachelor’s Degree from a recognized university

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As per the rules and regulations of Christ University

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Inter-religious harmony is a much felt need of our times, especially in the context of growing religious fundamentalism. Genuine seekers in all religions can certainly contribute to this harmony, provided they are supported by systematic study and research.In order to consolidate the theological formation of Christian religious persons in India, it is important to provide opportunities to study the specific identity and mission of religious life in relation to other vocations and forms of Christian life in the Church and world. This theological formation needs to be contextualized and imparted, particularly on the basis of biblical theology and the Magisterium of the Church in general, and of FABC, CBCI, CRI and the local churches of India in particular. The postgraduate program in THEOLOGY OF RELIGIOUS LIFE would promote and form the religious men and women with a profound understanding of their identity and mission in the Church, contextually and inter-religiously. Conscious that the Church is in constant dialogue with the culture, this program provides a milieu of reflection on ecumenical and inter-religious dialogue, especially with the forms of radical living of religion in these traditions. The Course Objectives are to prepare the religious persons to be imbibed with a profound sense of their identity and mission in the cultural context of India.

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