Timetable for JEE Main January 2019


Timetable for JEE Main January 2019 – With the approaching exam season and the changing guidelines about the conducting of JEE Main 2019 twice a year, there might be a panic on how to schedule your preparation. Preparing a timetable for JEE Main January 2019 will ease the stress and provide a direction for your preparation. Segregating the topics subject wise and class wise and preparing a timetable for JEE Main will ensure that every topic is covered and nothing is left for the last moment. All engineering aspirants should start working hard day and night to achieve their goal to crack JEE Main. Read the full article to go through the timetable for JEE Main January 2019 and direct your preparation towards a smooth journey of cracking the exam.

Timetable For JEE Main January 2019

As we all are aware that NTA will conduct JEE Main 2019 twice a year. Since the first attempt will be conducted in January there is not much time left to waste. Dividing the topics and setting a time limit to cover them will provide you a tension free method of preparation. Following the timetable for JEE Main 2019 for January attempt will ensure that you are not left with a huge pile of the topics uncovered at the eleventh hour. To ease the mental stress it is advisable that you take help from the given schedule of JEE Main January 2019 and try to cover the topics within the stipulated time period as mentioned. This will help you complete the complete JEE Main syllabus till the month of November.

After covering all the topics of the syllabus you can spend the last month to practice the JEE Main mock test 2019 and focus on the revision. Going according to the timetable for JEE Main January 2019 will also prepare you for the April attempt as you will have a plenty of time from January to April to improve your weak areas and revise everything.

A subject wise JEE Main timetable for January 2019 is penned down below where all the topics are segregated and divided to be covered in the allotted months. Syllabus of both class 11 and class 12 has been covered while preparing the timetable for JEE Main.

Physics timetable for JEE Main January 2019

Months Class 11 Students Class 12 Students
July to August Elementary Mathematics Electrostatics
Vectors Capacitance
Kinematics Current Electricity
Newton’s Laws Of Motion Magnetism
August to September Friction Electromagnetic Induction
Circular Motion AC
Work, Energy & Power EM Waves
Collision & Momentum Ray Optics
September to October Rotational Mechanics Wave Optics
Gravitation Atomic Structure
Properties of Solid Nucleus
Fluid Mechanics Photo Electric Effect
October to November SHM X Rays
Waves Semiconductor
Heat & Thermodynamics

Chemistry time table for JEE Main January 2019

Months Class 11 Students Class 12 Students
July to August Mole Concep Volumetric Analysis
Atomic Structure Solid State
Gaseous State Solution & Colligative Properties
Periodic Properties Chemical Kinetics
Chemical Bonding Radioactivity
Chemical Equilibrium Electrochemistry
Ionic Equilibrium Surface Chemistry
August to September Thermodynamics Optical Iso. & Tautomerism
IUPAC Hydrocarbons + EAS
GOC Alkyl & Aryl Halides
Isomerism Alcohols, Ethers, Phenols
Hydrocarbon Aldehydes & Ketones
Hydrogen Carboxylic Acids
s-Block Amines
September to October p-Block Biomolecules
Purification Of Organic Compounds Polymers
Coordination Compounds
Nitrogen Family
Oxygen Family
Halogen Family
October to November Noble Gases
d-& f Block Elements
Chemistry In Everyday Life
Qualitative Analysis

Mathematics timetable for JEE Main January 2019

Months Class 11 Students Class 12 Students
July to August Basic Mathematics Determinants
Quadratic Equations Matrices
Trigonometric Identities Functions
August to September Properties of Traingle L.C.D
Sequence & Series Application of derivatives
Straight Lines Indefinite Integral
September to October Circles Definite Integral
Binomial Theorem Area Under Curve
Permutation & Combination Differential Equation
October to November Parabola Vectors & 3-D
Ellipse Probability
Hyperbola Mathematical Reasoning
Complex Numbers

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